Best YouTube Challenge Ideas To Go Viral In 2022

Best YouTube Challenge Ideas To Go Viral In 2022

Who doesn’t want to have a good laugh? Probably that’s the reason why creating videos on best YouTube challenge ideas is on the rise. Funny videos are highly demanding on YouTube as they are the only rescue from the boredom we face in our day-to-day lives.

If you, as a YouTuber, have the potential to make people laugh then undoubtedly it can bring you closer to your audience. Additionally, doing challenges is one of the strategies to promote your videos. You can easily collaborate with other YouTubers and gain more subscribers.

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Best YouTube Challenge Ideas For Your Channel

There are a lot of ideas available online but in this post, we have shared the most popular and funniest video challenges you can do for your channel. You can do them with your friends, family members, acquaintances, or even random strangers. It’s completely your choice.

1. The Food Challenges

a. Smoothie Challenge

Although this might seem to be a very simple challenge, it is very difficult to gulp down a glass of smoothie that tastes nothing but disgusting. Here some ingredients will be placed in numbered paper bags. The contestants will get the option to choose numbers from a bowl. If the number of the bag matches with their chosen number, then they need to add that particular ingredient to the blender and make a smoothie out of it. Finally, they need to drink their prepared smoothie which of course is quite disgusting for them but quite entertaining for us. It’s quite hilarious to watch their reactions.

b. Pizza Challenge

Who doesn’t like pizza? Of course, this might seem to be a delicious challenge but what if I tell you to put toppings on the pizza which you don’t like to eat? Just imagine, getting to eat toppings that no one can ever imagine putting on the pizza! In this challenge, some ingredients are placed in numbered paper bags. The contestants need to choose a number from a bowl and they need to pick their corresponding ingredients from the bags. In the end, they need to eat a full slice of pizza with the toppings made from the chosen ingredient. Funny but quite an unpleasant experience for them.

c. 10000 Calorie Challenge

People usually eat 2000 to 3000 calories in a day. Can you imagine eating 10000 calories in one sitting or a day! Impossible, isn’t it? But not in this challenge. Here, the taste of the food is not compromised. You can eat whatever you desire. You can pick your favorite foods like nuggets, pizza, fries, ice creams, waffles, etc, and eat according to your preference. But the main goal is to finish eating 10,000 calories of food according to the challenge. 

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2. Random Challenges

a. Innuendo Bingo Challenge

This is one of the best YouTube challenge ideas that are a lot of fun to play as well as to watch others performing the task. Here, you just need your friend and a bottle of water. The challenge is quite simple. Both of the contestants should fill their mouths with water and sit facing each other. Funny sounds are played in the background and the first person to laugh and spit out the water loses the game. If you don’t mind getting wet with water, then this challenge is perfect for you.

b. Try Not To Laugh Challenge

If you want to know how serious you are as a person, then try to play this game. Here you need to remain serious while the other person tries to make you laugh. If you can hold back your laughter then you will be the winner of the challenge. This can easily be played with two or more people but keep in mind that it’s not that easy to win this game with funny people around you.

c. Water Bomb Challenge

This challenge requires a special prop which is a plastic ball inside of which you need to place a water balloon. This balloon randomly explodes at some point due to a mechanism in the prop. You can play various types of games using it. You need to pass the prop to one another in the game and the person holding the water bomb loses if the balloon explodes that time.

d. Lego Challenge

This is a completely safe challenge and quite a popular game among all age groups.  You just need to have Legos to carry out the task. You will be given a design and you need to build it in two minutes. It sounds simple but really difficult to finish the task in the given time frame.

e. Backward Word Challenge

This is quite a challenging game but quite easy to do at home with your family and friends. You will be given some words and you need to challenge your brain to say them backward. You can record the game while you play so that you can check whether the pronunciation was clear or not. You will also have a good laugh in the whole process by listening to those who will have a hard time pronouncing challenging words.

f. Pinhead Balloon Challenge

This is one of the funniest and best YouTube challenge ideas to perform at a party which usually involves a lot of kids. You need to hang some balloons from the ceiling and then to participate in the challenge, you need to wear hats with pins on the top. You simply need to jump and poke the balloons with your hat. The one who pops all the balloons as fast as possible wins the game.

g. Guess The YouTubers Voice Challenge

This is quite a tough challenge and certainly not for kids. If you love YouTube, you will love this game. Some segments of YouTube videos are played and the contestants have to identify whose voice it is. If your channel deals in a particular niche, then try to include YouTubers from related channels.

h. Speed Drawing Challenge

If you have good drawing skills, you can easily participate in this fun challenge. You will be given an item to draw and complete the task in one minute. The one with the most accurate drawing wins the game. It’s best to have someone in the challenge who can vote for the best drawing.

i. No Thumbs Challenge

Can you tie your shoes with your thumbs taped? Almost impossible but can you challenge yourself to do such a difficult task? If yes, then consider participating in this game. Whoever finishes the assigned task quickly, wins the challenge.

Challenges are a great way to grow your channel, increase the watch time and also the subscribers’ count.

I hope that this post gave you plenty of the best YouTube challenge ideas to try for your upcoming content. Be creative and have fun.