How To Increase YouTube Watch Time On Your Videos

How To Increase YouTube Watch Time On Your Videos

Are you looking for ways to increase the YouTube watch time and to motivate the audience to keep watching the videos? YouTube utilizes the number of views and watches time for recommending the videos to improve the ranking of your content.

Well, we know that it is the most popular and visited video-sharing platform where you can generate income by being a content creator, influencer, advertiser, and marketer by just uploading quality content on your channel.

Millions and millions of content are available on YouTube and every creator wishes to have one viral video that can appeal to the audience to click and watch the videos. 

When people stick to your videos and watch them then it sends a strong signal to YT that the channel has high-quality content that’s why you are getting more views. If you optimize the channel with relevant keywords, the chances of YouTube recommending your content to other users will also increase.

In this article, you will get to know the best strategies to increase the YouTube watch time from scratch. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What Is YouTube Watch Time?

The watch time is an important factor for the growth of your channel because it increases the discoverability and ranking of the videos in the search results.

The watch time is based on how much time is spent by the viewers on your videos. The optimization of the channel and videos will contribute a major role to increase the views. If your videos appear in the search results then it helps the audience to find the content that they want to consume and the engagement rate will also increase.

The YouTube watch time gives you an idea of what viewers like and which type of content attracts them. It will give you a real insight into the performance of the videos.

More than 1 hour of videos is watched by the viewers every day. To gain more watch time on your videos, it is recommended to produce high-quality content with a catchy title and thumbnails which can grab the attention of your audience.

Does Watch Time Matter?

Yes, it matters because watch time is the total number of time spent by the audience to watch your videos. High watch time means YT will promote your channel in the search results as well as in the recommended section.

The Complete Guide To Increase YouTube Watch Time

Watch time plays an important parameter to determine the ranking and performance of the videos. It will increase the popularity and subscribers count of the channel. We have shared the best strategies that you can leverage to grow your YT account:

1. Start With An Awesome And Compelling Catchy Intro

The first 15 seconds of every video are crucial. It is the first step to hook the attention of the audience to encourage them to engage with your content.

After seeing the intro, the audience decides whether to watch the full video or not. You have to follow the strategies that are given below.

  1. Create the starting frame more compelling with the help of a call to action message.
  2. Communicate directly with your loyal audience in your niche.
  3. Give them a reason to watch the videos and subscribe to your channel.
  4.   Ask some questions or provide a great solution to encourage them to keep watching the videos.
  5. Inform them what they can expect to watch in the videos with the help of a short clip.

If you use these parameters at the starting of the videos then your audience will start engaging with your content. It is one of the best strategies to increase the YouTube watch time easily.

2. Increase The Videos’ Session Watch Time

The Session Watch Time is crucial because it is a metric that shows the actual engagement rate on your channel. It is the total amount of time a viewer spends watching the videos in a single session visit.  It improves the ranking of the videos in the search results.

You can follow a predefined best-practice strategy to grow and increase the session watch time.

i. Use YouTube Playlists

Playlists are one of the best ways to increase the session time automatically. The playlist is a strategy to organize the videos in one place and it encourages the viewers to watch all the content that is available in the playlists.

ii. Use Cards And End Screen

The right way to keep the audience watching the videos is by using the YT cards to attach other content. Use the link of those videos in which viewers are interested to watch them. You can utilize up to 5 cards to the videos to drive the target potential audience to other videos. It is a powerful tool to increase YouTube watch time from scratch.

YT allows us to add links to related content at the end of the videos to hook the audience to watch the next recommended videos. It is the smallest strategy to gain more views. When you use the end screen, viewers can easily find your other videos. You can also include the link to increase the subscribers count.

3. Create Eye-Catchy Titles And Thumbnails To Get More Exposure

It will directly grab the attention of the audience who are scrolling the feed on YouTube. Title and thumbnail are the first things that many people see and it is a game-changer for the growth of the channel. It massively increases the ranking of the videos.

It also inspires people to click and watch the videos and this, in turn, will also improve the YouTube watch time. It is recommended to create a catchy thumbnail using images and text to attract a new audience. Thumbnails should motivate the people to click and watch the videos and it should tell a fascinating story. 

You should also include the main keyword in the title of your videos. You can use Canva, Crello, Photoshop, etc to accomplish your task.

4. Use The Long-Tail Keywords To Increase The YouTube Watch Time

It is advisable to use long-tail keywords to target your potential audience to watch the videos. When you include long-tail keywords then you are helping the audience to find your videos easily.

You can find relevant and powerful keywords using the Suggestion of Google search, YouTube suggestion features, and Google keyword planner.

5. Engage With Your Audience Through The Community Tab And Social Media Platform In The Comment Section

It will develop a strong relationship with your potential audience. It is recommended to try to engage with your viewers in the community tab to get more engagement on your channel.

This will also help YouTube to promote your videos in the recommended section because it creates a positive sign to the YT algorithm. It assumes you have high-quality content on your channel.

We have shared the best and organic ways to increase the YouTube watch time easily. If you follow these strategies then definitely you will see great improvement on your channel.

If you are curious to boost the engagement rate and watch time then you should implement the shared tactics.