YouTube SEO: How To Rank YouTube Videos In 2022

YouTube SEO: How To Rank YouTube Videos In 2022

Hi Content Creators!

Do you want to increase the engagement and ranking of your videos on YouTube? Today, I am going to share the secret tactic about YouTube SEO that will increase the ranking of your channel.

YouTube is one of the popular video-sharing platforms where you can watch and publish videos for your viewers. Many creators continually publish content on their channel but fail to rank their videos and get more views because they produce content without doing proper SEO for the YouTube channel.

When you produce entertaining and informative videos on your channel and want to get more views then it is good practice to do search engine optimization for every video to increase the reach of the content in search results and the feed of the audience.

The videos which rank well in the search results and trending options are those that are SEO-friendly and optimized before getting published on YouTube. Creators can earn a decent amount of money because of it. In this article, you will understand the best tactics to grow your channel.

YouTube Video Keyword Research

YouTube SEO starts with keyword research where you find the focus keywords that should be used in the title, description, and tags of the channel.

The best and easiest way to discover the relevant keywords for your videos is to increase the ranking of the content in the search results of YouTube. Keywords are basically the set of words or phrases that the audience searches for on YouTube.

When you insert the main keywords in the title, YouTube will recommend the videos to the right audience.

Keywords should be low in competition with high search volume. This SEO for YouTube channel will increase the growth of the channel. You should use various keyword research tools to find the best keywords to stand out from the competitors.

You Can Use These Tools To Discover The Perfect Keywords:

1. Use Google Trends

It is one of the best free tools offered by Google which allows the creators to find out the trending topics in various countries and niches. You can filter and find the best one for you. It is a good practice of YouTube SEO to get more views.

2. Use Competitor’s Keywords

Additionally, it is another way to discover the focus keywords for the videos with the help of your competitor’s keywords. Creators need to visit competitors’ videos and check the title of the videos and find the perfect relevant keywords

You should check the most popular videos on their channel and check if the content is performing well or not.

If the videos have a high engagement rate in terms of views, likes, and comments then you can use extension tools like VidIQ and Tubebuddy to find the relevant tags and keywords that you can use in the title and description of the videos.

When you want to perform YouTube SEO then you should include these keywords in the title and description. It will definitely boost the growth and ranking of your videos.

3. Optimize The Title/Tags/Description To Increase The Click-Through Rate

SEO for YouTube channels is an important factor for the growth of the channel. You have to use relevant and attention-grabbing keywords to increase the ranking of the videos.

When you optimize the title/tags and description of the content then the chances of getting more clicks on the videos will increase. This will make the watch time automatically increase. This is the process of getting and maximizing the click-through rate.

a. YouTube Title Tag And Meta Tag Optimization

You have to make sure to optimize the title and tag with YouTube SEO to increase the chances of getting more clicks on your channel. When you use main keywords in the title and description with a call to action or question word then it will increase the curiosity of the viewers to click on the content to watch.

You have to write an engaging description of the videos using some relevant keywords and encourage them to watch the videos. SEO for YouTube channels will also depend on a perfectly well-written description because people usually watch the videos after reading the description.

b. YouTube Tags Optimization

It is a great way to add value to your content by placing the relevant keywords as tags in the YouTube tag section. It is part of YouTube SEO that increases the growth of the channel and hence the ranking of the videos will also improve.

c. YouTube Thumbnail Optimization

It is another best practice to increase the click-through rate (CTR) on your videos with the help of a thumbnail. It forces the audience to click on the videos and watch them. You can create a perfect thumbnail using Canva and Crello. Make sure to add relevant images, powerful text, and emoji to encourage the audience to engage with the content.

These YouTube SEO tactics will help you to generate more views on your channel.

When you use these video optimization techniques to optimize the video then the chances of discoverability of the videos will increase.

It will surely help you to get more subscribers to your channel. Many creators buy YouTube subscribers to increase the number of subscribers from the authentic service providers.

How YouTube SEO Increases Audience Interaction And Engagement

To increase the audience interaction and engagement on your channel, you have to focus on some points that will help you to gain more engagement.

a. Interaction

We know that interaction with the viewers is important to develop trust in the minds of the audience. SEO for YouTube channels is crucial to encourage the viewers to interact with the content.

This influences the audience to interact and leave comments or likes on the YouTube videos. It has a positive impact on the growth of your channel and YT will also recommend the videos to the audience who might be interested in your content.

b. Engagement:

YouTube algorithm observes and analyzes everything that happens on your channel in terms of likes/dislikes, comments, share and watch time. Considering all the points YT decides the engagement rate on your channel.

You have to produce quality content and develop the interest of the viewers to watch the videos. You should ask them to leave a comment and subscribe to the channel at the beginning and end of the videos.  YouTube SEO increases the popularity and visibility of the videos. Hence views and ranking also increase.

Additionally, you can also give heart to your favorite comments to increase the engagement of your videos.

c. Reply To Every Comment

When any viewers leave a comment then it is your responsibility to reply to their comments as soon as possible. That’s essential to create a loyal audience base.

It increases the trust and interest of the audience and motivates them to engage with more content on your channel. Replying to comments is the best practice to increase the engagement and ranking of the videos.

If you consider all these YouTube SEO parameters then you can definitely improve the interaction and engagement rate on your channel. Better engagement means better growth of your channel.

I hope you have found this article to be helpful in terms of YouTube SEO. Implementing these techniques will help you to stand out from your competitors.