The Complete Guide To YouTube Display Ads In 2022

The Complete Guide To YouTube Display Ads In 2022

Do you want to create the most effective YouTube display ads for your channel? Do you want to know all about YouTube advertising and how you can leverage it to gain success on this platform? Well, this article will answer all your queries and provide in-depth information related to ads and their benefits. 

As a YouTuber you know that creating content is not enough. You need to have excellent marketing skills to promote your channel. No matter how good your channel is or how high the quality of your videos are, you will not be popular if your channel lacks viewers. In fact, what will be the purpose of your content if it cannot even reach the audience? All your efforts and time invested will become futile.

Is there a solution to all this?


With YouTube advertising, you can reach your target audience and boost the watch time of your videos. It is one of the best strategies used by marketers at present. As you know, YouTube is a massive platform with more than 2 billion monthly users. It is difficult to stand out in such fierce competition. Whether you are a newbie or a professional you cannot achieve success without putting in extra effort from your end. One of those “extra” is YouTube display ads.

Why Run Ads On YouTube?

Massive Outreach

More than 500 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube every minute. This gives an overview of why this is the most popular video-sharing platform. As we saw earlier that 2 billion users use YouTube on a monthly basis which is of course a lot honestly speaking. If you upload high-quality videos and display ads on your channel then you can very well imagine the success and reach you will get from here provided you have potential subscribers and engagement on your channel.

Increase In Sales

Because YouTube has a massive outreach, your investment in advertisements can give back high returns if targeted properly to the right audience. You can easily increase the sales of your products and services and get tons of subscribers which can turn into future clients.


YouTube is one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms which you can utilize to reach your goals. If you are a newbie then no other social media platform can give you this level of brand awareness and reach.

The Types Of YouTube Display Ads Formats

Marketers can run both video and non-video formats on the platform. Google allows them to run five different types of Ads which are described below:

1. TrueView In-Stream Ads

These are the ads that can be easily skipped by the viewers after 5 seconds. TrueView in-stream ads can appear anywhere in the content. They may appear before, after, or during the video being played. The time duration may vary from 12 seconds to 6 minutes.

The best thing about this advertisement is that the advertiser has to pay money only when a user views more than 30 seconds of the video. This is also known as CPV bidding but in Target CPA bidding, advertisers pay money as per the impressions.

TrueView In-stream can be best used for brand awareness, website traffic, sales, and leads.

2. Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

These types of ads, as the name suggests, cannot be skipped and the viewers need to watch till the end. But the good thing is that the ad can only be about 15 seconds long, not more than that. Marketers are charged as per the impressions.

Non-skippable in-stream ads are similar to TrueView in-stream in the way that they can also appear anywhere in the content. The ads can be played before, after, or during the video being played. This type of YouTube display ads are used for brand awareness and outreach.

3. TrueView Video Discovery Ads

In-display ads or TrueView video discovery is a non-video ad format. These are called discovery ad formats because they are found in places of search or discovery on YouTube such as SERPs.

Here the advertiser is charged only when a user clicks on the video to watch it. Product and brand consideration are the two main goals for which TrueView discovery ads are used.

4. Bumper Ads

These ads are also non-skippable like Non-skippable in-stream ads. The best thing is that these are relatively shorter. They can be played only for 6 seconds maximum. They can appear anywhere in the video.

Bumper ads are usually used when Marketers need to share a short message with the viewers. Here, advertisers are charged on the basis of impressions.

These ads are used only for brand awareness and outreach.

5. YouTube Masthead Ads

These types of YouTube display Ads are special ad formats that can only be used on a reservation basis through Google sales representatives. Here advertisers are charged per day or per thousand impressions. Since the cost is on the higher end, brands invest in the ads when they want to have a huge outreach towards their target audience. A newly launched product or service that needs awareness in a short period of time is usually done through YouTube Masthead ads.

6. Other Non-Video YouTube Ads

Overlay Ads

These are text ads that appear in the lower 20% of the videos. They appear only on desktops.

Sponsored Cards

These appear only after the video ends. They are clickable and used both on mobile and desktops.

How To Run A Successful Campaign Using YouTube Display Ads

To run a successful ad campaign go through all the points mentioned below:

  • Firstly you need a YouTube channel with a fair amount of videos and a Google ads account.
  • Sign in to your Google ads account and click “New Campaign”.
  • Now select a goal for your campaign. Choose carefully.
  • You also have the option to choose your own completely different goal which is not listed or recommended there. So if you skip the above step then click “Create a campaign without the goal’s audience”.
  • After you select a goal, choose the campaign type. Here, we need to choose ‘video’.
  • After that, we need to choose a campaign subtype. Hit Next.
  • Now name your campaign.
  • Next, you have to choose your bid strategy. Based on the goal of your campaign, you will see different bid strategy options.
  • Here comes the most important part. Select the budget type, amount, and also the duration of your campaign including the start date and the end date. You will also have to enter the location and the language
  • Next, define the location of your ad in the content.
  • Now, you need to focus on demographic targeting. Select gender, age, status, and income of your target audience.
  • Add keywords, topics, and placements to refine your search.
  • Next, add the link of your YouTube video, add CTA (call to action), and a headline.
  • When you complete the above step, Google ads will show you weekly estimates of your campaign.
  • After you are done reviewing your campaign settings and the billing information, your campaign will start running. You have the option to pause or completely remove it.

Hope you have found this article to be helpful. Now go ahead and confidently create your campaign with YouTube display ads.