YouTube Account Verification In 2022: The Ultimate Guide

YouTube Account Verification In 2022: The Ultimate Guide

YouTube is the second-largest popular search engine in the world with more than 2 billion active users. It is the biggest platform where you can establish the credibility of the business and improve the growth to the next level. Many creators get fame and name on YouTube. 

So, if your channel has a grey checkmark, it will imply that you are authentic in your field and hence your viewers will trust you. YouTube account verification helps the creators to grow the channel and gain a number of subscribers and engagement easily. Many top creators prefer to buy YouTube subscribers from authentic sources.

In this article, we are going to discuss a YouTube verification guide that will help you to gain popularity and more sponsors on your channel. Let’s explore these things from the basics.

What Is YouTube Verification?

YouTube account verification means your profile will have a grey checkmark, so your channel looks more verified and authentic. A verified YT channel gets lots of benefits. It increases credibility and views. Visitors will easily get to know that your channel is genuine and will contain high-quality videos.

Audiences consider the videos of verified accounts to be created by expert creators. YouTube verification helps you to gain more views on your channel. It does not mean you are going to get some additional features from YT. Account verification is just a verification badge on your profile.

The Eligibility Required To Easily Get Verified On YouTube

There are some pre-required conditions that you should achieve and satisfy the three conditions to become eligible for easy verification on YouTube. 

You have to fulfill the minimum requirement of the conditions to get benefits to the next level and you will get ideas for a YouTube account verification guide from scratch.

The three points, creators should keep in mind before applying for the verification are given below.

1. Minimum Number Of Subscribers

To become a verified creator on YouTube, it is necessary to achieve a minimum of 100,000 subscribers. The required supporters need to have fulfilled the condition on your channel. Many creators buy YouTube subscribers that are real and authentic to gain 100,000 subscribers.

2. Authentic And Quality Content

It is necessary to produce authentic content on your channel. If the channel has real and organic quality videos then people will trust your channel. So you have to maintain the consistency of producing quality content on your YT account.

3. Complete Your Profile

Your channel should be fully polished and complete. This will help your channel to look more trustworthy. It will be bound to attract more new viewers and subscribers. Your channel icon, banner, complete description, and quality content should be published regularly on your channel.

If you follow all three points, then you can apply for the YouTube account verification. This will help you to stand out one step ahead.

How To Get Verified Without Having 100k Subscribers?

You might have noticed that many channels are verified with a grey checkmark on YouTube without having 100,000 subscribers. Thus, going through this article will give you an idea of the YouTube verification guide. There are popular creators on other sites outside the YT community. They already have a loyal audience, that’s why they are easily verified.

How To Apply For A YouTube Account Verification Badge?

To apply for the YouTube account verification and get easily verified with a grey checkmark, then it is highly recommended to go through these steps.

Step 1

You have to ensure to log in to your Gmail account that is related to your YT account. When you log in to your Google account, then you will see the “Apply Now” button with anchor text on the Google support page.

Step 2

Thus visit the Google Support page for the YouTube account Verification. Now you will see the “Apply now” option under the application for verification. If you are not able to fulfill the requirement of YouTube, then these points will not be visible to you.

Step 3

When you press the Apply Now button, you will be redirected to the page where you will see an application that is asking for the channel name and channel id. If you want to find the channel ID then you need to visit the advanced settings of your channel. (YouTube account > Settings > Advanced settings).

Step 4

When you have successfully completed the form then you have to click on the submit button and wait for the confirmation mail for YouTube account verification. When you will get the mail then it is assured that your channel is authentic and trustworthy.

How To Maintain The Verified Grey Checkmark On YouTube For The Long Term?

Once you have applied for the YouTube account verification, and you get verified easily then do not take it lightly. It is necessary to maintain the grey checkmark on your channel because YT may remove a verification badge if the account is found unresponsive and irrelevant.

If you follow the account verification guide, it will help you get a better engagement on your channel.

Losing Subscribers

If you are not able to maintain the number of subscribers and you continuously lose your supporters then your account may get unverified.

Violating YouTube Policies

If you violate the terms of services and community guidelines, then it leads to losing the grey checkmark.

Unethical Practices

When you do not follow the good practices to produce content on your channel and if you are spamming with unethical practices then your channel will get unverified.

Changing Channel Name

When you change the channel name then your account may get unverified and invalid. So, it is good practice not to change the name of the channel. And before starting the channel, first, decide the name of the channel.

If you follow these tactics, then your channel will never get unverified.

It’s a guarantee that you will get easily verified on YouTube when you follow these points that are shared above. If you found this YouTube verification guide helpful, then there is no one to stop your growth. You can certainly establish the credibility of your channel