Top Prank Youtubers In USA Of 2022

Top Prank Youtubers in the USA of 2022

Many people normally waste their time pulling pranks on their friends and family. But some people take it seriously and start creating prank videos and make a career to the next level.

They use various tactics to scale up this industry and change their day-to-day activities in the profession. With this skill, people try to highlight the social issues and try to make laugh the audience.

In this article, we are going to know about top prank creators in the USA and how did they increase YouTube subscribers. After lots of research on the internet, we found the top prank creators of 2022. So let’s go started.

List of Prank YouTubers in the USA:

1. HoomanTV

‍ HoomanTV

HoomanTv is a popular prank star and comedian nowadays who is based in Los Angeles, California. His real name is Hooman Nouri. He started out his journey on YouTube in May 2014, then his channel has 10.4 million subscribers with 1.5 billion views.

HoomanTv is popular for his shampoo prank with lots of entertainment and people like this series too much. HoomanTV shared happiness and positivity with their videos every week.

2. BigDawsTV


Dawson Gurley is a popular 26-year-old prankster and YouTuber, runs a channel on YouTube name is BigDawsTv. He started uploading videos in June 2012. The subscriber’s list is continuously increasing day to day as of now his channel has 7.68 million subscribers.

He has started his second new channel named BigDawsVlogs, here he shared extra footage from his video and posts. Dawson completed his degree from the Olathe Eastern High School. He started creating videos when he was just 11 years old. Every Sunday Dawson uploads a video where he is pulling a hilarious prank on unknown people.

3. JoshPalerLin:


Josh is a famous Asian crazy prankster and YouTuber from the USA, started YT’s journey in January 2010. Nowadays it is the biggest name on YouTube with more than 3,39 million subscribers. In starting he is a background dancer in music videos.

He created interesting prank videos with some social experiments, awareness, and challenges. Josh encourages the people to be an entrepreneur and action in future. The “How Does a Homeless Man Spend $100?’ videos get a positive response and it was viewed by more than 30 million people in just 3 weeks.

4. Steven Schapiro:

Steven Schapiro:

Steven is a social media star, who has created a brand of public pranks and social experiments with strangers. He started his YouTube channel in September 2016 a few years back with remarkable growth with massive 154,482, 789 views with only 1.11 million subscribers.

He has collaborated with BigDawasTv to create an amazing prank video, Steven completed his degree from Arizona State University and Postgraduate with an MBA degree from Lynn University.

5. Stunt Lifestyle TV:

Stunt Lifestyle TV:

Stunt Lifestyle T\V is a YouTube channel that is popular because of crazy and controversial public pranks. The audience loves to watch his videos. The channel began in July 2015 as of now October 2021, this has 477k subscribers and 68.28 million views on his channel from 49 videos.

He create great video content for the audiences that anyone can relate with their personal life and people loved it. His videos consist of cars such as Gold Bentely, Bugatti, and Gold Maserati. “Homeless in Gold Benetely Part 3” is the most popular video available on their channel because it received 9.7 million views and is continuously increasing.

The motive of these top Prank stars from the USA is to keep entertaining the audiences with their comedy and engaging videos. They know how to make fun of every situation and also spread social awareness with their Prank Videos. The team will never hesitate to prank on strangers with annoying activities.

Noting is better than any prank videos that you can do with your friends and family. YouTube is full of prank videos that Audiences prefer to watch and get inspired and stress out from their day-to-day life.

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