Top 6 Lifestyle YouTubers in the USA of 2022

Top 6 Lifestyle YouTubers in the USA of 2022

In this digital era, everyone wants to become famous on social media platforms by creating content. YouTube is one of them because of its popularity, increment into views and watch time. It allows the creator’s share day-to-day life actively with wider audiences.

Vlogging is a popular niche on YouTube and people love to watch such content. But Lifestyle Vlogging is a micro-niche, these types of content creators do not afraid to share their personal life activities with people every day. Because it is a way to create connections with millions of audiences easily.

The Vloggers share all the issues and happiness and controversial, daily activities even review the products. More people who are interested to keep watching these adventure videos and they enjoy it.

In this article, we have shared top lifestyle You Tubers from where most people prefer to consume it. The top lifestyle YouTube channels in 2022 are given below.

Casey Neistat:

‍Casey Neistat:

Casey Neistat is one of the best vloggers for creating quality lifestyle vlogs, content, and a filmmaker. And He belongs from New York and started his journey a few years back on 15 February 2010. He achieved 13.4 million subscribers with 2.76 billion views on his videos.

He upload vlogs daily on YouTube but in 2015, he stopped creating vlogs in between 2016-2017 and move to make short films. In the vlog, he covers his new experiences and tests new products and services.

He started a company name is ‘368’ is a creative place for the creators to collaborate with each other. Casey is the most famous YouTube vlogger.

Nicole Guerriero:

Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger and born in Tampa, Florida. She started to upload content on YouTube on 26 November 2006 and now has more than 2.85 subscribers on her channel with 346,527,141 views. She has uploaded 734 videos as of October 1, 2021.

Mostly Nicole shares fashion, product reviews, and makeup tutorials, and also she shares her adorable look on a special occasion in the vlog. She has also a blog called Naturally Nicole where write article in the form of product reviews, and fashion tips.

Aspyn and Parker:

 Aspyn and Parker

Aspyn and Parker is a famous Vlogger on YouTube and has 2.12 million subscribers with 360 million views. She started his channel in 2011, where he upload everything from fashion to her family time and celebrations, occasion’s home decor, etc.

She has been awarded the prestigious “Vloggers of the year’s award. After that, she started a second channel to share more deep insight into their lives and lifestyle vlogs for the audiences. Here they upload weekly videos to maintain consistency.

Tess Christine:

Tess Christine:

Tess is a best YouTube lifestyle vlogger based in New York City and she started the channel on 19 April 2008, and now has 2.4 million subscribers with 197 million views for sharing the different tactics of mack-up hacks, tips, and tricks about makeup and fashion, hairstyle tutorials.

She has expanded the content type on her channel and upload travel and lifestyle vlogs, workout and diet plans, etc. She is popular for creating looks from television and web series, movies.

Hailey Sani:

Hailey Sani:

Hailey Sani is USA based 19-year-old YouTuber and her channel has 1.37 million subscribers with 90 million views from 299 videos. She started the channel in April 2012 where she share the film’s fitness videos, outfit of the week videos, advisor videos, and carpool karaoke videos every Friday.

Sydney Serena:

Sydney Serena:

Sydney Serena is a 20-year-old popular lifestyle and beauty vlogger from Minnesota, USA. Her channel has more than 2.32 million subscribers with 280 million views. She uploads makeover vlogs and random funny videos on her channel to establish a positive connection with her subscribers.

She is famous because of her “day in the life” videos where she shares her experience of being a 19-year-old living in California. Sydney creates shopping sprees, reviews videos, and uploads on her channel.

Lifestyle vloggers establish their credibility on YouTube by creating videos in their industry. They will share the day-to-day life activities, product reviews videos for the audiences. Top lifestyle vloggers in the USA,interact with their viewers and understand their interest in which type of content they wish to watch.

It will help the Vloggers to get ideas for new upcoming videos, also this process will build positive trust and people start waiting to watch the videos.

In this article, we have shared the depth information of top lifestyle vloggers in the USA. Now you can visit their official account and check out their channel, Share the favorite lifestyle vlogger on YouTube.