Top Beauty YouTube Channels In The USA Of 2022

Top Beauty YouTube Channels In The USA Of 2022

Looking for the best beauty YouTube channels from the USA in 2022? YouTube has a collection endlessly makeup and beauty channels but selecting the top accounts may challenging task. It is hard to identify whose advice is best and you are going to listen. We have researched on the Internet and listed the best channels below.

These channels will deliver tons of tips, tricks and also recommend the best skin care products. A huge audience’s base is eagerly waiting for the upcoming videos to enhance their skincare and makeup. To help all of you, we have researched on the Internet the best beauty YouTubers who will guide you in your healthier skin.

Whether you are a beauty addict who is searching for the best products, then below we have shared the perfect YouTube channel for you.

After researching and find the top beauty creators list has been given below. This beauty YouTube will help people to look healthier and young.

List of Top Beauty YouTube Channels In The USA:

1. Jeffree star

‍ Jeffree star

When it comes to starting a discussion on beauty topics, then it is impossible that no one can beat Jeffreestar because they have keen information about beauty tips, tactics, and hacks. Jeffree star is famous celebrity who is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and makeup artist, and also a former songwriter.

He started his YouTube Journey in February 2006 from Myspace. He believes in publishing videos with consistency on YouTube and achieved more than 16.3 million subscribers and 2.2 billion views on his channel. His popular videos have got 48 million views.

2. James Charles

 James Charles

James Charles is another popular American YouTuber and makeup artist in this beauty industry. When she is working in his hometown as a new artist of Bethlehem, Newyork, started her journey on YouTube in simple look in December 2015. Then she continuously publishing videos on her channel where she posted makeup tutorials and with these efforts in 2016 she got an opportunity to become a brand ambassador for CoverGirl, her tweet will also go viral.

Her channel has more than 24.6 million subscribers with 2 billion views and appears in Forbes 30 for the Stylist Art and style in 2017. Same in 2020, she got a chance to direct and co-produced the Original reality competition series on YouTube.

3. Rclbeauty101


Rachel Claire Leving is an American beauty guru creator of the Rclbeauty101 channel on YouTube. She began her journey in 2010 at the age of 15 years when she upload frequently makeup routines. Her channel has 14.5 million subscribers which generated more than 3.62 billion views.

Rachel Claire Leving builds her reputation in the beauty industry by sharing beauty, fashion, lifestyle and comedy, entertaining videos. She has also got the opportunity to be featured on the cover magazines such as Adweek. The more popular video has received over 331 million views till now.

4. Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota is an American video creator who started their channel in June 2009. She got fame because of her haul videos, in which she share her fashion and style via the internet. She also publishes outfit ideas, makeup, and hairstyle tutorials.

She got a chance to become an icon for the GEN-Z, and she started her YouTube career as a beauty creator with haul videos. After that, she started sharing the videos on her personal life, travel, cooking, etc. The YouTube channel of Bethany Mota has more than 9.7 million subscribers. It’s nearly about 10 million in few days.

She called the subscribers as motivators because of them her channel got 986+ million views with a total of 296 videos. She is also a famous beauty influencer.

5. Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan

Michele Phan is an American-based artist, entrepreneur, and voice actress as well as a beautiful YouTuber. She has founded and owner of a multimillion-dollar cosmetics line EM Cosmetics. Michelle Phan started her YouTube career in 2006 and now her channel has 8.83 million subscribers with 1 billion views. She is one of the successful YouTuber who comes on the Forbes 30 list and is nominated and won prestigious awards like Streamy Awarded.

The beauty industry is captured by men or women because both contribute to making videos on YouTube. We have discussed the top creators from the USA who create videos on beauty trends. Want to improve your beauty routines, then you can follow these YouTubers. These creators also share the seasonal and festive beauty looks and support, guide the subscribers to create and enhance their look at home without using any skincare products, and without going to a parlor in the USA.

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This list of top YouTubers is created based on my own research. These all creators are basically from the USA. I hope this article will going to help to find the top beauty creators.