How To Start Your Own Podcast On YouTube: A Complete Guide

How To Start Your Own Podcast On YouTube: A Complete Guide

If you are wondering how to start a YouTube podcast, then you have come to the right place. The podcast is a great medium to deliver the content and increase brand awareness and grow the business.

YouTube is a platform where audio content can also be uploaded. It attracts 47% of all music streaming listening time. It can contain interviews, conversations, stories, episodes, etc.

Starting a podcast is not a complex task but it is a good decision to upload the podcast. YT enhances the show’s visibility to produce content with a wider audience base.

More people prefer to listen to audio content, Giant platforms like Google and Spotify are investing lots of money into new tools for the podcast creators to develop the interest of the audiences so that they can engage with your content.

In this article, we’ll share the details about how to start a YouTube podcast that will give an idea to record and publish a podcast on the YT channel.

How To Start A Podcast On YouTube

As you know YouTube is a video-sharing platform where you cannot upload MP3 or audio content. You need to convert your audio content into video format to upload on YT and grab the attention of the audience.

In Podcasts you do not need to show your face in the video format, you can use an image and add audio in the background. You have to consider all the points to upload on your channel to get started podcasting on YouTube. 

Want to know how to start a YouTube Podcast on your channel then you have to consider these four points that will help you to get clear ideas to start podcasting on YT.

1. Convert The Audio File Into Video Format

The simplest and easiest way to record and upload a podcast in less time on YT is to convert the audio file into a video file by just adding the static graphic image to the background. 

To create a static image, you do not need to have designing skills. You can use graphic designing tools like Canva or Crello to create a background image for the video file.

YouTube recommends the size of the image to be 2560x2240 px because it is best for all devices. You can add the logo, website URL, and social media link in the image so viewers can reach out to you.

Thus you have to change the format from audio to video and merge the background image. You can use Headliner tools because they allow you to upload the 60-minute audio file by adding multiple images to the whole video. You can also include extra sound effects to add subtitles to the videos.

2. Present Yourself Into A Webcam To Record A Podcast

If you want to move one step ahead to create a podcast then you can create the actual videos with the help of a webcam and mic. Podcasters do not need to purchase more equipment. You need to present yourself on a webcam and start recording the podcast for uploading on YouTube.

One question that people always search for is how to start a YouTube podcast. The answer is quite simple. Creators need to plug the microphone into a computer or laptop and use the inbuilt or external webcam to record podcasts.

There are different software or applications that you can use to record the podcast. Then Zoom or Quick Time is the best solution to record the audio content. You can add special effects in the video and trim as per your requirement of the content to produce the best podcast.

3. Set Up External Cameras To Record A Podcast

When you are recording podcasts at a desk or room then you can use an external camera to create podcasts. You do not need to go for the expensive equipment at the beginning of your podcast journey. Always check that your videos are more presentable and engaging

In this type of technique, you need to record the best shots on the first try so as to limit your time editing the videos. You can use the extra time to prepare the script for another podcast.

4. Screen Record With Your Guest Using The Split Feature

When you are going to conduct podcast interviews or meeting with your guest then you can use SquardCast or Zoom app to record the podcast with audio and video. You can use the split-screen feature to record the podcast on a single frame of both and upload it on YouTube.

Most Podcasters use this feature to record the episode, sessions or tutorials, and interviews with guests. It is one of the best ways to record the podcast.

How To Start A YouTube Podcast To Get More Visibility On YouTube

1. Choose A Topic Before Starting A YouTube Podcast

It’s not easy to capture the market by producing podcasts on random topics. It is quite time-consuming. If you want to build the authority of your channel then it is advisable to focus on selecting a perfect topic before starting a Podcast.

You should choose the topic in which you are an expert. If you are able to produce more than 10 podcasts without doing lots of research, then it is the perfect niche for your channel. It is the first step to starting a successful YouTube podcast.

2. Write Eye-Catchy Podcast Name

After you decide the niche and topic for your podcast, you have to focus on selecting the title of the podcast. Because as you know title is the first thing that people notice when they scroll the YouTube feed.

If you use a call to action word with the topic name and emotional words, then the title looks more natural and creates a positive impression in the minds of the audience. It is also crucial to grab the attention of the audience and develop the interest to watch the videos.

One recommendation for every creator is that they need to spend some time creating different unique ideas for the podcast title.

3. Write A Compelling And Attention-Grabbing Podcast Description

You need to write a description that will develop the interest of the audience to watch and listen to the podcast. After reading the description viewers will decide whether to watch the full podcast or not. You can use different keywords to grab the attention of the people.

You need to write a short description of the podcast because people read the description before listening to the podcast and if you write a compelling description then the chances of getting more engagement on your channel will increase.

I hope this article will surely be useful for podcasters who want to know how to start a YouTube podcast and the process of creating a podcast and uploading it on YT. You can check out more interesting content on our website to enhance your knowledge.