How To Write Perfect YouTube Video Titles In 2022

How To Write Perfect YouTube Video Titles In 2022

Writing is itself an art but knowing how to write to engage your readers is something more than that. It takes the use of appropriate words and the skill of creative writing to hook your audience.

As a YouTuber, your job is to create exciting content and upload videos on your channel. But what if I say that your job does not end there? You need to have very good marketing strategies to boost the growth of your channel. A career on social media platforms requires an immense amount of creativity and marketing tactics to help promote your brand. 

One of the key tactics is the artistic way of writing YouTube video titles. For an example, just consider the following two titles related to the same content:

  • Mouthwatering Pizza Recipe To Impress Your Family.
  • Learn how to make a pizza

Which of those will you prefer to click and watch the content? It’s quite obvious that you will choose the first one. The first title is composed of words that can touch the audience on an emotional level. When you say ‘to impress your family’, you build an image of loved ones in the minds of the viewers. Words that can describe a feeling are also preferred more as you feel a sort of connection. Here ‘mouthwatering pizza’ does the trick.

This is how good YouTube video titles can increase the views on your channel and provide success to the creators once their content starts becoming viral.

YouTube is a huge platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users so you can understand how much benefit you will get and the number of subscribers you will have if your channel starts to become popular. Some YouTubers also buy YouTube subscribers from genuine sites to achieve the desired results faster.

YouTube Video Titles: Why Optimizing Content Is Necessary?

More than 500 videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. So you can clearly get an idea of how fierce the competition is on this video-sharing platform. Every YouTuber wants to be seen among such a huge crowd which is honestly speaking very difficult to achieve.

That’s the most primary reason why optimizing content is necessary for your content. You cannot just upload your content as it is and wait for the magic to happen. You need to have attention-grabbing titles, eye-catching thumbnails, stunning YouTube trailers along with your uploads to get more views. And it’s definitely not just the views, optimization also plays a key role in providing better ranking to your videos by YouTube's algorithm.

Who doesn’t want to be on the top of the search results? Literally no one. So in order to achieve that level of success, you need to put in that level of effort as well. We are not just talking about a standard approach. It should be a strategic approach. That is what will help you to stand out from other YouTube creators.

What Are Good YouTube Video Titles?

In order to find the perfect video title, you need to focus on your content first. You need to understand its type. Before coming up with amazing creative words, you need to ponder whether they would be appropriate for your content. Educational and entertainment blogs are different. You cannot provide the same style to both.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that nothing beats high-quality content. If your content is bad, you might get clicks on your videos because of the optimized titles but there will be no improvement in your watch time. So good titles are important only after you have created good quality videos.

Best Practices Of YouTube Video Titles

Since you have already understood why good titles are important for the success of your channel, now let’s shift our focus to the following points.


Use keywords in your titles. The algorithm of YouTube depends on the keywords you use in your content so obviously, you cannot afford to miss this point. So what are keywords? Well, all the search query words entered by the users in the search bar are the keywords. For SEO purposes, bloggers and vloggers both choose keywords with low to medium competition to rank their content on the search results page. High competition keywords are usually avoided as they are usually targeted by established brands. Newbies will have little to no chance to rank their content with such keywords.

There are many ways by which you can stuff keywords in your videos. One such place is the title of your content. YouTube Video titles should contain your primary keyword for which you want to rank your content in the search engine.

A very big mistake is to stuff keywords everywhere possible. Clearly, it makes your content an absolute mess. Use only relevant keywords wherever necessary and your title should be clear enough to convey the main focus of your content. It should not be overcrowded with unnecessary words otherwise it will be hard to make sense.

Optimizing your content for appearing on the top page should be your prime focus as a YouTuber. So make sure to work for it.


Fancy words to give a boost to your titles may just work for a couple of videos but they won't work every time. You should use words appropriate for your niche so be considerate while writing the title.

Simplicity always works for titles and call-to-action messages. Your message should be clear and easy to understand. All those trendy words will be of no use if viewers cannot even understand them. Similarly, there will be no improvement in the click-through rates as well.

No Clickbaits:

Clickbaits are just false information to somehow convince viewers to click on your channel. But although it can result in clicks, your viewers will leave your channel once they find out that the title was totally irrelevant to the video.

It is a huge drawback in the long run because your channel will get a bad reputation because of using clickbaits. Once a viewer loses trust, it is hard to build it all over again. So it’s better to never go through these types of techniques that will harm your channel forever.


Brackets in YouTube video titles give a unique look to the plain old boring text. Moreover, you can give emphasis to certain words which can draw the attention of your viewers. This helps to increase the click-through rates of your channel.

Additionally, brackets are also preferred by the algorithm. So you will never have to worry about any negative impact.

Relation to Thumbnail:

Keep in mind that your YouTube video title should be related to the thumbnail provided in your upload. If you want to establish yourself as a successful YouTuber then you need to avoid any sort of irrelevance in your channel because it does not look professional.


Proper length of a title is necessary because YouTube truncates anything that exceeds 60 characters. That doesn’t mean that you should only use short titles as it is not enough to convey the necessary details required to get clicks. 100 characters is the limit set by YouTube for the title so you cannot exceed that. The best tip is to set your limit to 60 to 70 characters.

Remember that writing a good title and description for your content is extremely crucial for future growth so be creative and come up with unique words that will set you apart from other YouTubers.

If you want to add anything to this list then feel free to share.