How To Use YouTube Cards In Your Videos In 2022

How To Use YouTube Cards In Your Videos In 2022

Are you looking for the best ways to drive more traffic, views, or engagement on your channel? If yes, then adding YouTube cards to the videos is a CTA that encourages the audience to click on the videos. Cards are important for the growth of the channel and they increase the curiosity to stay engaged for a long time.

More than 2.3 billion users use YT globally. That's the reason why audience engagement is more important than views. In order to achieve this, YT provides a feature that helps you to increase the engagement level and subscribers count through the use of cards. It is one of the important factors for the ranking of the videos. Top creators prefer to buy YouTube subscribers. This helps them to increase their subscribers count faster which helps to grow their channel in a short period of time.

YouTube Video Cards is a powerful CTA that inspires the creators to promote their playlist videos and other channels through them. It is a popup notification that can appear anytime in the videos when you are watching. You can decide where you want to add it to your content.

Here, you will get ideas on how to use cards in the videos to grow your business to the next level from scratch.

What Are YouTube Cards?

YouTube video cards are small icons or pop-up notifications that appear to the top right corner of the video or you can place it at the end or in between your content. You can decide the location where you want to place it in your videos.

When viewers click on the card it redirects to the next video. The added cards appear in a rectangular-shaped box that creators can use to promote their brands, videos, playlists, other channel links, create polls, text, etc. Instead of adding links in the description, it is more powerful and appealing to add cards. They grab the attention of the audience and increase the CTR.

The cards are usually seen at the end of the video. It is recommended to add up to five cards to each video. It can also be used for marketing purposes. You can ask the viewers to buy the products by adding YouTube video cards. They can also be used for the promotion of old videos.

Why Should You Use YouTube Cards?

The cards are an extremely valuable solution for getting actionable results on the video. You can include more visual components as per the objective of the content to gain more engagement on your channel.

YouTube video cards include images, external links, and also downloadable content for the audience to click.

It is an interactive feature that can help to get more clicks on your content. You can place five different types of cards on your video that are given below.

  • Video or playlist: Promote related content through cards.
  • Channel: It allows you to promote another channel.
  • Donation: It is a Feature of a non-profit that you can use to encourage the donation or fundraise.
  • Poll: Motivate the audiences to engage with more multiple-choice polls.
  • Link: You add the Link of the verified website like a landing page.

How To Add YouTube Cards To Your Video?

  • Login to the YouTube account and visit YT studio.
  • For adding the card to your video, select the video manager then click on the edit drop-down button below the Title.
  • On the top, click on the cards tab to create cards and add the cards and then click on the right side and select the choice of cards that you want to use.
  • Here you have to fill in the required details for the creation of the cards. The details totally depend on the selection of the YouTube cards.
  • It is now time to set the exact pop-up time in your video for adding the cards. You have to add the cards and drag them where you want them to be visible to the audience.
  • Finally, you have set your first card in your content, now it is time to make sure to know you have set the right pop-up timing or not. You can add a maximum of five cards in a single video.

Types Of Cards To Use In Your Videos

Channel Card

When you want a channel to get interactive action from the viewers, then you can use the channel card to get the best results. When you use it, the viewers will click on the links and they will redirect the audiences to the second channel to increase the engagement rate on your channel.

Sometimes, you may collaborate with other creators in the same niche and want to promote the channel, then you can use it to send your viewers to their channel.

Link Cards

The business owners and brands want to promote their website or e-commerce store to sell the products through this additional traffic. You can add the link to an external source where you want to divert the traffic.

One point you have to keep in mind is if you want to add the links to the website, you have to be a member of the YouTube partner program.

Playlist And Video Cards

When your channel has an endless library of video content and you want to promote your older videos along with your new content, then you can use Playlists and YouTube video cards to increase the engagement rate and views on your channel.

It is used for the promotion purpose to grow your channel. It is the best way to provide the maximum number of videos to the audience which can massively increase your watch time.

Best Practices Of YouTube Cards

Promote New And Older Videos Via Cards

When you publish the new content on your channel, then you should focus on adding the video cards to get more views on the videos. It will grab the attention of the users and increase the click-through rate.

You can interrupt the viewers in between the content and show them YouTube video cards to get a click on the particular video. Or you can also place it at the end and tell the people to watch the recommended video on their screen.

Promote Videos With Maximum Audience Retention

You know there are different reasons available for the ranking of the videos that you have to consider to get more audience engagement on the content. If you are able to keep the viewers watching a video for a long time then it will increase audience retention.

The videos with more audience retention rate will rank better in search results. YouTube video cards are one of the best ways to increase the audience’s retention rate on your videos. It is a proven tip that many top creators use to increase the ranking of the videos

Compelling Teaser Texts And Custom Messages

When you are looking to create curiosity and grab the attention of the audience, then you can use the YouTube cards and write appealing interactive texts and messages.

Unless the user clicks, the text is not visible and when they do then an engaging message appears and the card expands. 

You should highlight the teaser text and include the benefits of watching the videos so viewers might get interested to watch the content. And also add compelling call-to-action words to increase the watch time.

You can also use YouTube videos cards at the end of the content to give a reason to keep watching the content on your channel. It is best practice to keep growing your channel and stay ahead of your competitors.

I hope you found this helpful and informative to know about the YouTube cards that you can use in your videos. Nowadays interactive content is crucial for the growth of the channel and grabbing the attention of the viewers. These tactics will help you to drive massive engagement and views on your channel.