How To Make Prank Videos For Your YouTube Channel?

How To Make Prank Videos For Your YouTube Channel?

Learning how to make prank videos can help you join the group of high-profile YouTubers like ‘Roman Atwood’ and ‘Vital Zdorovetskiy’. If you have a good sense of humor and the courage to pull off a prank, then nobody can stop you from becoming the next famous prank star on YouTube.

It’s true that telling jokes and pulling off a prank are two different things but if you love humor, your path to becoming a successful prankster will be pretty smooth. Moreover, prank videos are pretty popular on YouTube, so you can easily gain subscribers and grow your channel in no time.

Of course, not everybody can perform large-scale pranks, so it’s better to start with easy and beginner-friendly pranks. Once you get accustomed to the art of pulling off pranks publicly then you can gradually roll up your sleeves for more outrageous fun.

How To Make Prank Videos To Earn Money On YouTube?

Just like any other YouTube channel, prank channels also have the potential to provide you with monetary benefits. People love to watch funny videos and that’s one of the reasons why prank videos are on the rise at present.

If you are creative and upload unique content consistently on your channel, then you will gain massive views in a very short period. This in turn will help to convert most of your viewers into subscribers. Alternatively, you can also buy YouTube subscribers to increase your subscribers’ count.

Watch time and subscribers are both essential to the growth of your channel. Additionally, you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in a year to be able to monetize your YouTube channel.

The income you generate from your prank videos usually depends on the quality of your content, upload frequency, views, and engagement rate. Since the video-sharing platform is already flooded with tons of prank content, it’s difficult to come up with something unique that can grab the attention of viewers instantly. If you can stand out from your competitors, then you can certainly earn a good amount of revenue through your channel.

How To Make Prank Videos: Top Ideas For Beginners

Keep in mind that shooting a prank video is quite different from shooting other videos for your YouTube channel. You need to act and shoot the video in secrecy so that your target doesn’t get any clue about the prank.

Moreover, you need to prepare and plan the location, time of the day, and your target audience. You should have a well-prepared script so that nothing goes wrong and the whole process is smooth.

Don’t forget to carry your tripod, camera, and microphone for the shoot. Of course, if your camera or smartphone has a stabilization feature then you don’t need to carry a tripod.

Now Let’s Quickly Go Through All The Popular Prank Video Ideas For Your Channel.

1. Petroleum Jelly On Doors

You can target your friends with this prank. Spread petroleum jelly on the front door of the house and invite your friends for a casual party. Hide a camera to capture their reaction as they try to open the door but keep failing due to slippery hands.

Let them toil hard for some minutes before finally opening the door for them. I’m sure their confused reactions will make your day

2. Bubble Wrap Under The Rug

One more mischievous prank that you can easily do indoors is to hide bubble wrap under the rug in your hallway. Ensure to put it during the night so that no one notices it. Also, don’t forget to hide the camera to capture the reactions of your loved ones. 

Wake up early the next morning so that you don’t miss the fun. Record your family members as they jump in surprise from the bubble wrap noises.

3. Keys Swap Prank

Have you ever thought of swapping your car keys with your friend? Although this prank might be quite annoying for the other person, but who cares? A little bit of fun doesn’t harm anyone.

Secretly exchange the keys onto each other’s key holders before going to bed. In the morning, when your friend gets ready to leave for work, then he will have a hard time unlocking his car. Wait for some time before you reveal the truth and also make sure that he doesn’t get late for his work or an important appointment.

4. Fake Voice-Activated Devices

Gift a new coffee maker to your spouse or your friend with a fake voice-activated label. Tell them to command the appliance while you secretly record the video. They will likely get irritated and wonder why the voice activation doesn’t work. After a few minutes, reveal your prank to them so that they don’t lose their cool.

5. Haunted Stereo Speakers

If you want to learn how to make prank videos that can scare the hell out of your family and close friends, then this prank is best for you. At first, disconnect the wires from the stereo speakers. Leave the speakers in place to avoid any sort of suspicion.

Connect the wires from a different stereo into the disconnected speakers or simply pair it with Bluetooth if possible and link it to your phone.

Target your victims in the night and place a hidden camera in their room to record the video. When they are asleep, play the creepiest audio track with full volume to freak them out. I’m sure you will get a video worth watching for a lifetime!

6. Bush Man Prank

This prank is quite easy and popular on YouTube. You need to buy a bushman costume that blends with the environment. You cannot wear a costume that doesn’t match the color of your lawn or the place where you want to carry out the prank. You need to hide in the costume pretty well otherwise your prank won’t go as planned.

Just stand or sit quietly on your lawn and wait for your friends to come home. Once they pass by you, give them a scare of a lifetime and capture their terrified reactions on your video.

7. Fake Frog And Snakes Sound

Record frogs and snakes’ sounds on your smartphone and hide some speakers all around your backyard. Throw a barbeque party or any other casual party and invite your friends to your place

Also, with the help of your best friend, tie fake frogs and snakes on the tree branches. Once the party starts and everybody is settled down, start playing the terrifying noises you recorded on your phone. After a while, drop the fake frogs and snakes from the trees. No wonder, you will get to shoot a funny video with your friends running in all directions.

A Final Thought

Now, you have all the information you need to know concerning how to make prank videos for YouTube. But keep in mind that originality wins the game. The ideas mentioned in this article are for your inspiration and also to motivate you in your pranking journey.

Funny videos are loved by people and they will help you to improve audience retention rate on your channel.

After practicing these beginner-friendly ideas, you will gradually become a pro at it. Just make sure to keep it safe to avoid going overboard with your pranks. Be creative and have fun.