How To Earn Money With YouTube Super Chat Feature?

How To Earn Money With YouTube Super Chat Feature?

It’s not easy for YouTubers to persuade people to engage with their content. Sometimes “Please Like”, “Please Comment” and “Please Subscribe to our channel” do not give any sort of desired output. If you find yourself in a similar situation then this article will prove to be a boon for your channel. 

Read further to know about the YouTube Super chat feature which is one of the most compelling tools on this platform. It is literally a game-changer. It helps to create a bonding with your viewers during a live stream which of course can grow your channel to the next level.

What Is A YouTube Super Chat Feature?

It is a live stream chat feature that allows viewers to have their chat messages highlighted when they give a donation.

When you go live on your channel, some of the viewers ask questions or just randomly text you through comments in the chatbox. As the number of messages increases, the old ones get replaced by the new ones to fit the display screen.

But when a viewer makes a donation through a grey dollar sign icon at the bottom of the chat window, that particular message or simply a super chat will stay pinned to the top of the chat page for a certain period of time. The pinned duration is based on the amount donated. Once that time expires, the super chat will disappear.

Eligibility Criteria To Use YouTube Super Chat Feature

Not all YouTubers can access this amazing feature. You are eligible on if:

  • Your channel is monetized.
  • Your channel is enabled for Live Stream.
  • Your channel has over 1000 subscribers.
  • You are over 18 years old.

Does it sound unfair? Maybe a bit but keep in mind that a viewer can only donate if your channel has been successful in establishing authority. Building trust takes time. You cannot just say that your channel is unique and you only post high-quality content. You need to prove that to your audience with your action.

It may take months or even years to get a good amount of views and loyal subscribers. Unfortunately, even with high-quality content, some newbies fail to reach 1000 subscribers within a year which is a prerequisite while applying for monetization. There is a simple solution for this. Just buy YouTube subscribers from genuine service providers and you will be good to go.

Whatever you do, consistency is the key. You need to upload fresh content on your channel regularly and interact with your audience to increase engagement rate. Going live is a preferred way of doing so. It creates a platform where your users can directly chat with you in front of all other viewers. This creates a strong connection and builds trust in the minds of the audience.

Moreover, the YouTube super chat feature can only be enabled when you go live on your channel so if you haven’t started live streaming yet, then it’s time for you to start doing it.

How Does YouTube Super Chat Feature Work?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have bought an item simply because someone in front of you also bought a similar one? And then very soon someone else also followed you. And this creates a chain that rapidly increases with time. This is known as a domino effect. 

The YouTube super chat feature works in a similar way. One donation on your video simply sets off a chain of other similar events. If you get one viewer who gave you a 5 dollars donation, then very soon you will get another one of 6 or 2 dollars. And then other similar donations will follow. Value is not important as the donation amounts may vary with each individual contributor.

The important factor is that people usually like to copy each other and it is just human tendency to trust the brand if it already has a lot of followers. A donation on your chat box will create trust for other viewers and they will not feel hesitated to follow suit.

How To Send A Super Chat?

Now that you have understood the working of YouTube’s super chat feature, let’s see the steps involved in sending a super chat.

  • First, make sure that the visibility of the live stream is on.
  • Go to the live chat. Press the dollar sign icon on your comment box.
  • Now press “Super Chat”.
  • Enter the amount you wish to donate. You can either manually type it or just move the donation slider. 2 dollars is the minimum amount while the maximum can reach up to 500.
  • If you want to say something to the YouTuber, then you can send a message along with your donation. YouTube has set some limitations regarding the word count of the message. If you donate 500 dollars then you get the liberty of 350 characters. The word count depends on the amount being donated. Less contribution has less word count.
  • Click “Buy and Send”.

That’s it. Your purchase will be finalized and your super chat will get highlighted in the chatbox.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Use YouTube Super Chat Feature On Your Channel

Before you start implementing the feature on your channel, you should be well aware of the following points:

  • 30% of your super chat earning goes to YouTube.
  • You can only collect super chat revenue if your channel is integrated with your Google Adsense account.
  • After donation, each donor will receive a confirmation email but keep in mind that the submitted super chats cannot be refunded.
  • If you are a very popular YouTuber you can receive big donations but unfortunately, there is a maximum limit set on the amount of super chats. You can only receive 500 dollars in a single day and 2000 dollars in a week. 

How To Enable YouTube Super Chat Feature?

If you wish to implement super chat feature on your channel and you already meet the eligibility criteria for it then just follow these points in order:

  • Sign in to YouTube studio.
  • Go to the left-hand side of your channel dashboard and click ‘Monetization’.
  • Press ‘Supers’.
  • Then click ‘Get Started’.
  • Follow the instructions as mentioned.
  • Finally, you will be presented with an option that says “Super chat status is on”. There is a toggle button beside the option so if you wish to disable YouTube super chat feature then simply turn it off.

As a YouTuber, you can earn a decent income with this powerful tool. As your subscribers increase over time, you will get a massive hike in the total donations on your channel. This can prove to be extremely beneficial for your career in the most popular video-sharing platform.

Moreover, the interaction with your viewers during livestream and the overall emotional bonding that is generated through the super chats cannot be merely described in words. Getting support from the audience is a motivational booster for Creators. This will in turn help you to support your own channel as well as create other YouTube channels as well.