How To Create Artistic YouTube Channel Art In 2022

How To Create Artistic YouTube Channel Art In 2022

You might have heard that the “first impression is the last impression”. This can apply to any kind of scenario. When the audience visits your YouTube channel then the first thing they observe is the channel art. More than 2 billion active users use YouTube, which has an endless library of videos and opportunities to grow the accounts.

You can easily hook the viewers when you create YouTube channel art. It is an integral part of the channel which helps the creators to stand out from the competitive market. If the channel art is more compelling, then it will help you to get the attention of the viewers. It is an exciting task to drive more target audiences on your YT handle. It will help you to gain more subscribers.

Channel Art is a way of branding the channel on YT to increase the engagement rate and grab the attention of the audience. It is also called cover, banner and it is a key element of many successful channels. You should invest your time to create unique, eye-catching channel art for YouTube handles.

This article will give you an idea to understand the need for a YT banner. It will also show how you can create YouTube channel art that can help you to capture the attention of the people.

What Is YouTube Channel Art?

YouTube channel art is an essential part of your account and it is a banner, cover, or header image that is known with a different name. It reflects your channel as authentic and trustworthy. It includes thumbnails, watermarks, and social media icons. A personalized banner is used to tell about your channel.

Your channel art helps you to attract the target audiences and develop an interest to watch your videos. Your home page looks more attractive and unique so the viewers will easily turn into permanent subscribers.

The YT banner is the first thing that people see on the homepage of your channel. You can tell a short story in a few words about the channel and audiences will get to know what type of content they will get to watch. It builds a strong impression in the mind of viewers.

How To Create YouTube Channel Art?

We are just going to explore the best ways to make eye-catching YT channel art. It can be designed with the help of a professional graphics designer or you can also use different tools to create it.

Channel Art is also beneficial for building trust in the initial phase. There are some important key concepts you have to know for success on YT.  These points are given below:

  1. Start with inspiration.
  2. Remix it to make it your own unique content.
  3. Add extra graphics to hook the audience.
  4. Resize the banner to adjust it and it will visible to the people
  5. Once your design is completed, save it and publish it on the channel

But, before moving ahead we should know key points and guidelines to create a channel art.

Create YouTube Channel Art: The Important Guidelines To Follow

Before creating the banner, you have to follow the dimension of the channel art.

  • The size of YT channel art should be with the dimension of 2048 X 1152 and the aspect ratio should be 16:9.
  • You should place the text and logos within the specified area 1235 X 338 pixels. A bigger picture does not fully appear on devices.
  • The file size of the banner should be less than 6MB.

The dimension of banner should be different in gadgets:

  • The dimension of banner in Mobile should be1546px * 423px and in Tablet 1855px * 423px and same as Desktop 2560px * 423px, in TV 2560px * 1440px.

How To Create YouTube Channel Art For Free?

If you want to make a banner for free, then it is a great idea to use some free tools that you can use to create a professional image, logos, banners, etc. The list of these tools is given below.


Canva is one of the widely used websites to design attractive banners, logos with the help of a free template that you can use for your purpose. It is used by mostly creators who have no proper skills to create an attractive cover image from scratch.

To create YouTube channel art for the YT accounts, you can access the free endless library of templates with a stock of photos that one can use in the banner. Canva offers all the templates for free use but you can access their premium package to unlock lots of quality images. But the free version is also best for you.


The next one is snappa and which is a tool that can be used to design graphic images easily. Snappa has a simple interface that is easy to use. It has quality free photos, shapes, elements that can help you design an authentic banner in the desired format that can be JPG, PNG, and any other format.


Crello is one of the super easy and best graphic designing tools with 1000+ free templates and images. You can use it to create YouTube channel art by using premium and free features. It allows you to create a post, logo, stories with the help of a template. It has an endless library of fonts, images that are more helpful for the creation.

This tool is the first preference to create YouTube channel art because it has lots of quality pictures on the site and additionally you can also add your personal images to this tool through the upload option.

Tips For YouTube Channel Banner Design

Do you want to hook the attention of the people on your channel and create interest? Then no doubt you should follow some best practices that are helpful for the creation of channel art.

Best Practices

  • You should use an attractive background and the title should be in the center.
  • Always use eye-catchy fonts and colors to design attractive channel art for the homepage. Add the necessary information related to the channel. Link the social media handle at the bottom corner.

Use Eye-Catchy And Easily Readable Fonts

It is crucial to use clear and easily readable fonts in channel art because if it is readable then the chances of getting more subscribers and views will improve. 40.9% of views on YouTube come from mobile devices.

Small fonts are not clear to understand. We highly recommend you use large, clear, and bold fonts to capture the attention of the visitor on your channel. Doing it helps the viewers to see the important points and you should also use a call to action word in the banner.

Place A Border Around Your YouTube Channel Art

Banners are the simplest way to convey the audience to tell the people about the clear message to the visitors. To create YouTube channel art effectively, you have to place a border around the Banner. It is the right way to increase subscribers as it helps the audiences to focus only on target points.

Be Effective With Your Tagline And Use Tagline In The Channel Art

A tagline is a short description when you use a few words to represent the channel. It is an efficient way to highlight the target main points to increase the watch time and subscribers. You should use the tagline in the channel art to grab the attention of the audience. The tagline is the same as the channel name.

You should definitely create YouTube channel art to start a successful YouTube channel easily. We hope this article has helped you to understand how to create unique channel art to impress viewers. Make sure to implement all the points.