How To Create And Use YouTube Stories: A Guide For YouTubers

How To Create And Use YouTube Stories: A Guide For YouTubers

Are you struggling to connect with more people and increase your subscriber count? If yes, then you must have heard about YT stories that are similar to Instagram stories. This feature allows you to connect with more audiences easily.

At present, the audience retention time is decreasing and people do not prefer to watch longer videos as they are very time-consuming. Anyways, if they get solutions to their questions in shorter videos then why will they watch longer content?

Stories are a booming feature of YT that will increase the ranking of the channel, views, and subscribers. Using short stories, brands can improve their sales and awareness of their products.

Here, we have discussed the best ways to create YouTube stories for the creators to gain more engagement rate on the channel. Let’s explore in detail.

What Are YouTube Stories?

YT stories are an enhanced feature of YouTube that is similar to the Instagram and Snapchat stories. It is officially available for the creators since November 2018. The length of the stories is limited to 15 seconds and it is visible for seven days. That's why creators prefer to use YT stories. 

If you have more than 10,000 subscribers on your channel, then you can use this feature to keep in touch with the viewers on a daily basis. It will increase the engagement rate because people will keep checking the stories every day.

Viewers can react to the stories in the form of like/dislike and comments and one thing you have to remember is if you have achieved the milestone of 10,000 subscribers then you need to wait for four weeks for the activation of this feature.

Why Use YouTube Stories?

When you use stories on the YT channel then it will generate lots of views. It can help to create awareness of brands and products because stories will easily reach the feed to a wider range of the audience.

YouTube recommends the stories to those audiences who are interested in your content. It is a great way to be easily discovered by the audience. They will find your videos while they are scrolling the feed.

If you follow this technique, then the growth of the channel will boost to the next level. It takes only 15 seconds to create the stories so you can create regular content with consistency so your channel looks more authentic and genuine.

YouTube stories for creators increase the growth of your channel to the next level. The important points are given below:

Generate More Leads

YT stories will generate more leads for your business provided you follow the right approach to create a quality story that will grab the attention of the audience.

When you publish the story, do not forget to add the call to action word in the description and insert the lead magnet link in the comment section. Many top marketers use these tactics to boost the growth of the business. They buy YouTube subscribers to increase the subscribers organically with legit methods.

It Will Create A Strong Connection With A Loyal Audience

YT stories provide an opportunity for the creators to interact with the audiences regularly by producing content on their channel. New viewers will interact with your story every day. This ensures that they will become a loyal audience and willingly watch the content that you are offering them.

YT stories are the best way to build trust in the minds of the audience and use the call-to-action words to encourage them to do the task and try to solve the problem of the viewers and provide the shout-out that will increase the views and engagement on your channel.

Announce The Launch Of Any Product Or Service You Are Going To Offer

With YT stories, you can easily provide the message to the viewers when you are going to launch a product. Using stories you can add stickers, emoji, and images to the launch of the product which will increase sales. You can tell your viewers about a new product that your business recently launched. This process will help the creators to connect with a larger audience base.

How To Create And Use YouTube Stories For Your Channel?

You have to follow the following steps to create YouTube Stories for creators to stand out from other competitors.

Step 1

To create or record the stories, you have to open the app on your mobile device and click on the camera plus icon on the top right side.

Step 2

Now, you have to click on the next story icon, and the shape of the icon is in the circle.

Step 3

Here, click and hold the button of the camera on the bottom right side. Now press on the circular arrow to a toggle between the front and rear camera. You can also use existing media that can help you to grow your channel.

Step 4

You can also add extra elements such as text, emoji, stickers, music, and video links by selecting the icon from the top of the screen.

Step 5

Once you have recorded the short story and want to share then you have to click on the Save button. And you can share it on your channel as a post.

Check The Performance Metrics And Analyze The Growth

If you want to check the number of comments, views on your story, then you have to open the story and have a look at the bottom of the YouTube player. Or you can check it from the YT stories tab. You can only see the engagement on the active story because it disappears after 7 days.

Best Practices To Create Stories On YouTube

Use Short Clips From Existing Videos

There are various best options available that can help you to create a story. Sometimes, creators do not want to record fresh content but they want to publish content on the channel, then they can use short clips from the existing videos that are available on their channel. They can select 15-second clips to create YT stories.

Create Short Stories With A Question

It is one of the right approaches to recording a video that you can create with a general question that people are searching for. It can be related to any subject or life hacks.

And you can use suggested keywords to create YT stories with a question to get the attention of the people.

Answer Questions From Viewers Via A Story

When viewers are asking questions in the comments section or other social media handles, then you can use YouTube stories to give the answer to the audience.

It will increase the engagement rate on your channel which in turn will increase the growth rate of your channel.

I hope this article has provided you with the best ideas to create YouTube stories to increase the views and subscribers on your channel.

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