How To Appear In YouTube Recommendations And Get More Views In 2022

 How To Appear In YouTube Recommendations And Get More Views In 2022

It has been noticed that the majority of YouTube views comes from the recommended section on watch pages. The section can drive massive traffic on your channel and encourage the audience to watch the videos.

YouTube is a platform where an endless library of video content is available but to become a successful creator, it is necessary to upload high-quality content for the audience. YT suggests these videos to the viewers who might be interested in them. 40% of views on the platform are from the recommended videos.

YT algorithm recommends the videos to the audience as per their activities, likes/dislikes, and search history. This increases the views on your channel.

There are various ways to improve the metrics to increase the chances of appearing in the recommended section. In this article, we have shared the different strategies that will help you to appear in the YouTube recommendations section to get more views.

How To Optimize The Videos To Increase YouTube Views And Appear In The Recommendation Section?

The optimization of the videos is one of the best strategies to improve the ranking of the videos. Many creators optimize the videos to increase the credibility of their channel to help the audience to find your videos easily in their feed and search results.

If your videos appear in the recommended section then YouTube views will automatically improve and the audience will start engaging with your content. But keep in mind that you need to devote your time to optimize the channel and videos to appear in the suggested section. The process is quite time-consuming but it will benefit you in the long run.

Optimizing videos helps you to gain more real subscribers organically. Alternatively, many top creators buy YouTube subscribers from trustworthy sites for a faster approach. 

1. Optimize The Titles Of The Videos

The title of a video can encourage the audience to take action and watch the videos from the recommendation section. Here we have shared the best tips on how an optimized title can help you to grow your channel:

a. Attract More Audience To Click The Video

The title of the content is one of the crucial factors that determine the number of clicks on your channel. When users click on the title and watch the videos then watch time will increase and your videos will appear in the YouTube recommendations section.

b. Improve The Ranking Of The Video For A Keyword

When you add the focus keyword in the title of your videos, it means YT understands what you are offering in your content. This makes YouTube recommend the videos to those audiences who are looking for such content. The title is an important factor that convinces the audience to take action and watch the relevant videos from the recommendation section.

c. Tell YouTube That Videos Are Relevant To Others

It is best practice to tell YT that your videos are relevant to other videos being watched by the audience. For this, you have to add the relevant and main keyword in your title. It helps you to increase the number of YouTube views.

2. Optimize The Description And Tags Of Your Video

The next big thing is that you have to optimize the description and tags to gain more views on your video from scratch. It gives real ideas about the video’s content because when the audience clicks on your title they first check the description to understand what you are discussing in your videos. It improves the ranking of the videos in search results.

Here are some points that you have to consider to create well-optimized descriptions and tags:

  • You have to include the focus keyword at least 3 times in the description and add the link to your social media platform.
  • Your channel description should be written in more than 500 words and it allows you to write in 1000 words.
  • You should use the tags and best ways to find the keyword with the help of etc.
  • Always try to add 4-5 tags to your videos to improve the ranking of the videos.

3. Focus On Increasing Watch-Time

Watch-time is one of the crucial factors that determine the amount of time spent by the audience to watch your videos. When watch time will improve then the ranking of the videos will automatically improve

How To Improve The Ranking Of The Videos To Appear In YouTube Recommendations?

1. Create Engaging Content On Your Channel

Engaging content means the videos are good enough to give a reason to the viewers to keep watching for a long time. It means the content is well designed and generates a longer watch time. This makes YouTube start suggesting your videos to the interested audience.

When average watch time on your videos will improve then the performance and ranking of the videos will also increase. YouTube algorithm starts promoting your videos to the right audience which in turn keeps encouraging them to watch the videos.

While you create content for your channel then you have to keep in mind the interest of the audience. You can check YouTube analytics to know how your videos are performing and the average view duration on your content. Then you can optimize the videos accordingly to appear in the YouTube recommendations area.

2. Create An Eye-Catching And Compelling Thumbnail Of The Videos

Thumbnails are the crucial factor that encourages the audience to click on your videos. More clicks on your video means the better your ranking is in the search results.

Thumbnails are the first thing that the audience notices on your channel. You should create a compelling thumbnail with proper keyword optimization, text, images, etc.

Good thumbnails impact the appearance of your videos in the recommendation section. You can create custom thumbnails using tools such as Canva, Crello, Photoshop, etc.

It is advisable to use BOGY thumbnails with four colors: Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow. Avoid the YouTube colors and use these BOGY colors to grab the attention of the audience easily.

3. Share Videos On Social Media Platforms To Boost Watch Time And Session

The session starts when the audience begins to watch the videos and stays till the end. To increase the number of sessions, you need to attract more people to your channel by sharing the links to the videos on your social media platform.

When you upload new content then you should share the link on a different platform to attract more visitors to your channel. It helps you to improve the watch time and average session time.

Hope this article will help you to appear in the YouTube recommendations section to increase the number of views on your channel. If you follow this guide then the ranking of your videos will easily improve.