How Top Indian Health & Fitness YouTubers Earn Money

How Top Indian Health & Fitness YouTubers Earn Money

Because of the tremendous popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, a new type of celebrity has emerged: YouTubers. And these YouTubers are so well-known and powerful that over 19 percent of marketers devote half of their marketing budget to influencer marketing because it yields the best results according to bigcommerce.

Every day, more people are converting their online presence into full-time occupations by monetizing their social media followings. One of the most popular niches of YouTubers however is health and fitness as over the past years taking care of one’s health has become the top criterion for everyone and all of us need the right guidance. But have you ever wondered being a fitness influencer, how do they make money? Let’s find out about it:

Top Fitness YouTubers In India: How Do They Make Money?

In India, fitness YouTubers earn money by writing sponsored blogs, conducting webinars, and even participating in influencer marketing and regular advertising campaigns. Many fitness YouTubers make more money online than they could at a 9-5 job by utilizing their online presence:

Social Media Posts That Are Sponsored

Top Health and Fitness YouTubers may make money from every social media post they make, especially if they provide high-quality material. As a result, sponsored content is one of the most lucrative methods for fitness YouTubers to earn money. Brands pay YouTubers to showcase products and services on their social media accounts via social media sponsored posts. This sponsored content may appear in an Instagram story, a Facebook post, or a YouTube video, among other places.

Social Media Platforms Webinars

Some of the most popular health and fitness YouTubers have earned a reputation as subject matter experts. Their followers are frequently prepared to pay for these YouTubers' advice. Fitness YouTubers may get their fans to pay for access to material in an engaging lesson by hosting webinars or online seminars. Fitness YouTubers may make money not just by organizing a live webinar, but also by charging their followers to access the information on a social media platform, blog, or another website later.

Brand Ambassador

As brand ambassadors, a lot of YouTubers make money. Rather than merely promoting a business through a single sponsored post, the YouTuber will promote the company's products and services on a frequent basis to raise overall awareness of the brand. For example, a business may pay a YouTuber to post about the brand on a regular basis for 6-12 months. Top Indian Health and Fitness YouTubers usually promote a number of businesses. Vidyut Jammwal, for example, is the brand ambassador for Muscleblaze, etc.

Product Line Creation

Many YouTubers have built up large enough audiences to sell their own products. Fitness YouTubers are increasingly turning to product lines to supplement their income. For instance, Shahil Khan has his own supplement line and he also pays other health and fitness YouTubers to promote his product.

Programs for Personal Training

Many social media fitness stars began their careers as personal trainers. They've turned followers into clients and grown their fitness business by using the massive exposure that comes with being a YouTuber. Social media is an extremely effective marketing technique that functions as a large-scale word-of-mouth method.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another common way for fitness YouTubers to generate money. A fitness influencer posts a link to a product page and gets compensated for any sales made as a consequence of the link. For example, health and fitness YouTubers like flying beast frequently post the link to purchase Myprotein supplements using his code, which earns him a percentage of the sale on each conversion.

Appearances and Events

Fitness YouTubers are modern celebrities, with the ability to draw large crowds wherever they go. Hosting a live event and charging followers to attend can help a fitness YouTuber gain money. A business may also pay a fitness YouTuber to attend its own event, knowing that the celebrity's presence will draw a crowd. For example, to make it a major success, Sahil khan is invited to fitness stores, gyms, and fitness competitions.


Yes, you heard it right, many fitness YouTubers have started vlogging in which they showcase the daily meals they consume, exercise they perform in the gym, give tips regarding how to keep yourself fit or muscular, how to lose weight, etc. For example - fitness YouTubers like Saket Gokhale, Yash Anand, Ranveer Alllahbadia, Guru Mann, etc are into vlogging and are making a great amount of money and higher engagement out of it.

Advertisement in the Traditional Sense

Just because YouTuber got their start on social media doesn't imply their reach is restricted to that platform. Because many fitness YouTubers have more than 1 million subscribers (and awareness much beyond that), they are increasingly teaming with major businesses to promote items to even larger audiences. Health and fitness YouTubers with the highest followings may be included in television advertisements or on billboards.

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