A Comprehensive Guide On YouTube Channel Audit In 2022

A Comprehensive Guide On YouTube Channel Audit In 2022

As a YouTuber, it is crucial for your videos to reach the right audience as they can promote your business and increase the sales of your products or services. As a brand, you require a high-level marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd.

It’s high time that you learn the importance of YouTube channel audit and how you can reap the benefits from it. But first, let’s understand how auditing can help you to achieve your marketing objective.

What Is A YouTube Channel Audit?

YouTube Auditing simply means keeping track of how well your videos are performing. As a Creator, you cannot just dump your videos and then forget about them. Analyzing is important because it helps you to understand whether you are getting the desired output or not. If you do not pay heed to the statistics, then you will not even understand where you need to improve and what your primary goals should be.

YouTube is a massive network with more than 2 billion monthly active users. More than 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute which makes it the world’s most popular video-sharing platform. Of course, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it is also the second most popular search engine just behind Google. If you are creative and put in extra effort then nobody can stop you from shining on this platform even though it has a humongous crowd.

But as we all know, beating such fierce competition is not easy. It requires hard work and talent. Most importantly you need auditing tools to understand how your channel is performing against your competitors and how you can fix your flaws.

YouTube Channel Audit: Why Does Your Channel Need It?

As a brand, you need to meet your business objective. Auditing tool will help you to analyze whether all the strategies you have used so far are right for your channel and whether it’s time for you to implement new tips and tricks.

It Will Help You To Understand:

  • Which videos on your channel are good and which videos need extra attention for marketing purposes.
  • The improvement in the number of subscribers since you started your channel.
  • The watch time of your videos.
  • Whether your videos are ranking well on the search results page.
  • Assessment of audience retention and click-through rates

Hence, a YouTube audit is the best way to check the overall performance of your channel and whether you are leveraging the platform to its full potential.

YouTube Channel Audit: The Performance Factors

1. Analyze Your YouTube Channel

The first stage in the whole process is to effectively analyze the success of your videos. There are metrics that help you to assess the performance of your contempt. These are called Key Performance Indicators or simply KPIs.

KPIs include the data on the overall watch time, views, and clicks. With the help of this tool, you can easily boost your channel and improve the ranking of your content. Suppose if you lack subscribers, you can take targeted action to increase the subscribers count. To get the desired output, you can either increase it traditionally with an organic approach or you can simply buy YouTube subscribers from legitimate sites.

Similarly, you can use the YouTube Channel Audit tool to enhance views, watch time, clicks, and impressions on your channel. It’s quite a powerful tool so using it will be extremely beneficial for the growth of your channel. If you get to know which type of videos perform better, then you can create similar content which can massively boost the views on your channel.

2. Make Updates On Your YouTube Channel

After you analyze the performance of your channel through KPI, it’s time to ponder and implement the updates. Each brand is different so you need to focus on the objective of your business.

Branding is important to establish authority and credibility of your channel. Make sure that your channel looks professional not only in terms of content but also in the visual aspects. Your logo and thumbnails should be relevant and visually appealing at the same time.

Your brand should reflect your objective. So make sure to give attention to tiny details which can be easily overlooked while creating content. The color, design of logo, channel banner, everything has to be taken into account. If you lack creative skills then you can easily hire professionals to perform those tasks. Graphic designers can help your channel to stand out from the crowd.

The following things need to be updated after your YouTube Channel audit:

The Message Of Your Brand

Sometimes your content does not match with the niche of your channel. This can negatively hamper views and build a bad reputation. So always try to include content belonging to your niche and avoid getting diverted from your main objective.

Check And Optimize Video Descriptions

There are many YouTubers who do not pay heed to the video descriptions. Maybe this is the reason why you are having difficulty ranking your content in the search results. Keep in mind that you can include a lot of keywords in your description so this is best for YouTube SEO.

Organize Your Videos Into A Playlist

Playlists are a great way of organizing content on your channel. Nobody likes a huge mess. Having tons of videos on your channel without playlists seems unprofessional. So try to group your content in relevant playlists so that it becomes easier for your audience to search for your videos.

Apply Call-To Action Words Or CTAs Wherever Appropriate

“Please like, comment, and subscribe to our channel” is the most common CTA, and trust me, this works like wonders. These kinds of phrases really do convince the majority of the audience to like and subscribe to your channel. It increases the engagement rate and also creates a bonding with them. They feel like they are a part of a community and they should also do something in return for getting valuable content for free.

Delete The Old Irrelevant Content From Your Channel

YouTube’s algorithm ranks content according to quality and relevance. Even if your content is of high quality, it will not rank well if it is irrelevant. Moreover, old irrelevant content does not look professional so even if you get visitors on your channel, they will not become permanent subscribers.

3. Analyze Your Content

Now comes the final part. You need to sit and watch your videos. Look for any loopholes which are negatively affecting the views on your channel. Try to make sure that your content is crisp and to the point. Nobody likes a long boring speech.

You should also make sure that your intros are relevant and short. The production quality of your video should be given utmost importance. The audio and video both should be of high quality otherwise you will have a hard time promoting your brand.

Additionally, never try to randomly end your videos. Always make sure to include end screens or other links at the end of your content to divert your viewers to other videos on your channel. This is a smart technique for audience retention. You will see massive growth in the statistics of your channel.

Hope this comprehensive guide will be a source of immense help when you try to use the YouTube channel audit tool for the analysis of your videos. Implement the strategies as mentioned in order to promote your brand and reach your desired marketing objective.