Best Ways To Improve Your YouTube Videos Organic Reach (2022)

Best Ways To Improve Your YouTube Videos Organic Reach (2022)

Increasing the YouTube organic reach of the videos is a dream for many creators. It is the most visited website in the world and the ideal platform for any business to increase the reach to the right audiences.

YT has more than 2 billion active users monthly that’s why it is the perfect platform to improve the reach of the videos with small steps. So you have to prepare the script of the content with unique ideas around the main keywords and create the videos, edit, write eye-catchy titles, descriptions to grab the attention of the people.

It is advisable to record and optimize the content around the focus keyword and do YT SEO, create compelling thumbnails and promote on the various social media platforms, interact with the viewers and use a call-to-action word to encourage them to watch the videos.

If the number of views and engagement rate will improve then the YouTube organic reach will also improve. In this blog, we are going to share the best-proven ways to increase the reach of YouTube videos.

How Does YouTube Rank A Video In Search Results?

Before we learn how to improve YouTube organic reach, it is necessary to know the best ways to rank the video content easily. YT ranks the videos based on these important factors that are given below.

  • Quality of the videos
  • Watch time on your videos
  • Channel keywords
  • Views count
  • Catchy Thumbnails
  • User experience metrics and engagement

We know videos are a perfect way to get more new viewers on your channel. One thing to keep in mind is that YT will rank the content based on the audience retention and the watch time and engagement on the videos.

When viewers spend more time on the videos, then the algorithm of YT thinks that the content is relevant and of high quality. It pushes the video higher in the search results which improves its ranking.

How To Improve The Organic Reach Of YouTube Videos?

1. Do Keyword Research For Every Video That You Are Going To Upload

If you are really passionate about increasing the YouTube organic reach, then you have to start with proper keyword research and optimization for better engagement. This is very similar to the ranking of a blog on a website.

You can use free and paid tools for YT keyword research. These are Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Ahref, Google trends, Semrush,, and answer the public, etc. to target the right audience. For more, you can use Google suggestion as a keyword in search results. Select keywords that are less competitive with high search volume.

2. Optimize The YouTube SEO Of Videos

The first thing you have to consider is the optimization of the videos with YT SEO. This will make your videos look more authentic and trustworthy. Hence the number of visitors and views on your channel will also improve.

Moreover, optimization of the YouTube videos helps the users to find you easily.

If you follow all the strategies of search engine optimization and include the relevant keywords in title, description, thumbnails, and tags, then YouTube will also recommend this type of content in the feed of the viewers. Don’t try to use irrelevant keywords and clickbait because it is harmful to the YouTube organic reach.

3. Know Your Target Audience

If you want to improve the YT views through the organic reach, then it is essential to establish authority and credibility of the channel in your niche.

Before creating the content for your channel, it is advisable to research the target audience. Try to analyze the needs and desires of the viewers. You can research your competitors’ comment section to know the behavior and demands of the visitors.

This process will give you an idea about how to prepare the content for your potential viewers.

4. Organize Similar Videos Into A Playlist

Well, if you have published many videos on your channel and want to increase the YouTube organic reach, then it is advisable to organize all the similar videos in one place in the form of a YT playlist. This will increase the watch time and engagement rate on your channel.

By implementing this strategy, you can increase the ranking of the videos in search results and the recommendation section. It will boost the subscribers count as well.

Playlist not only increases the organic subscribers but also cross multiplies the views. If the engagement rate increases then YouTube's algorithm also improves the ranking and reach of your videos.

5. Never End The Videos

It is a crucial point that you have to consider while ending your video. Do not end the YT videos without diverting the viewers to other similar content on your channel. For this purpose, you can use YouTube cards and end screens to direct the traffic to other content.

It will increase the engagement rate and YouTube organic reach easily.

6. Promote The Videos By Collaborating With Other YouTubers And Cross-Platform Promotion

Collaborating with top creators in your niche will create a new opportunity for the growth of your channel.

Using this methodology the YouTube organic reach will massively increase. You can also use cross-platform promotion techniques to increase the reach of the videos. Here you can share the content on different social media platforms and also can embed it on your website to attract the audience to your channel. This mechanism is one of the best ways to improve the organic reach of YT videos.

7. Interact With The Audience For Better Engagement

It is necessary to respond to every comment as much as possible within an hour when you upload it on your channel. Interaction with the audience is essential to build trust.


If you implement the above-mentioned best practices to improve the YouTube organic reach, then undoubtedly you will get to see a massive improvement in the statistics of your channel.

So, start implementing it today to stay ahead of your competitors.