Best Microphone For Recording YouTube Videos In 2022

Best Microphone for recording YouTube videos in 2022

In this era, it is necessary to create quality videos on your YouTube channel to attract more target audiences. You need to also focus on producing clear audio and videos. To improve the quality of the audio, you should use the best microphone for recording YouTube videos. 

There are some points you have to keep in mind as a beginner. Viewers stop watching a video because of lousy and noisy, irrelevant sound quality. These are bad signs for the growth of the channel. If the sound quality in the videos is good then no one notices but when poor then everyone thinks about it.

Thus the quality of the mic plays an important role in increasing the quality of the videos and getting more views. It helps you to increase the engagement rate on the content. This platform has over 2 billion monthly active users, so if you want to gain more subscribers, you can buy YouTube subscribers from authentic sources.

To assure that you have to record the quality audio, then you should use the mic for YouTube. Luckily there are plenty of mics available in the market, you can select the best microphone for recording YouTube videos.

This article is prepared with the purpose to help the creators to find the best mic for YouTube. So let us know the list of the best microphones.

Best Microphone for Recording YouTube Videos

1. Microphones with Connectors (XLR)

When you want to enhance the quality of your videos to the next level, then it is a good decision to invest your money to buy an XLR microphone. If you are willing to link the XLR to the computer then you need to have a USB audio interface and install the microphone preamps. It is the best tool that can be used for a podcast etc.

AT2035 Audio-Technica

It is a fact that Audio-Technica AT2035 has a shock mount that is fantastic and you have to install it, then the sound quality will be improved to the next level. Thus you do not need to buy a mount individually. Noise from the PC fans, warmers, and other background noise will be reduced by the mic’s 80 Hz.

Rode: Procaster

The Rode podcaster is the right decision for the creators to reduce the vibration and irrelevant sounds of handling. Rode has an internal pop filter that has an in-built shock mount. You can isolate the mic, and use the Rode PSM1 shock mount. It is highly recommended for the content creators to use the best mic for YouTube because it is made of plastic material and the supplied mount is flimsy and it is also simpler to get the pro caster into the proper position.

2. USB Microphones

The USB microphones are mostly used by creators that can be easily set up and operated. It can be used for the podcast to record the audio series, gaming, interviews, etc. Many people use it as part of the equipment to start a successful YouTube channel.

NT-USB by Rode

The Rode NT-USB is a professional cardioid condenser best microphone for recording YouTube videos that come with a USB connector and it has easy functionality to plug and play easily. The inbuilt tripod performs a decent job of minimizing the noise and an extra shock mount will also be beneficial for the sound quality.

The quality of sound is fantastic and without any doubt, it is one of the best mics for YouTube to record videos that comes under $200. It has a jack for headphones that have volume control. You have to modify the input volume of the computer.

Blue Yeti

It is no surprise that Blue Yeti is one of the popular and favorite equipment of every YouTuber. Blue Yeti produces amazing sound quality and a plethora of functions that make it a good microphone for YouTubers.

It has three condenser mic capsules and four different pickup patterns to choose from. The cardioid pattern can be widely used for voiceovers and it can be used for conferencing or interviewing to record the good quality of sounds. It is worth going for this perfect product.

There is a mute button that is useful and has a volume slider with a headphone jack and a solid stand. It is available in various colors at affordable prices.

3. Lavalier Mics for YouTube Space

Lavalier microphones are highly used by the podcaster and YouTubers to record the high quality of sound. It is more convenient to use and portable. It can be a clip and stick to the shirt or T-shirt, and it can be used for various purposes to record vlogs, tutorials videos, interviews, etc.

You should know the connector type because few are designed for smartphone devices (TRRS jack) and others are designed for DSLRs. So if you are looking for the best microphone for recording YouTube videos for multipurpose then it is the first choice of many creators. Shotgun microphones are useful for fast-paced videos and they can be used to record interviews and record vlogs, lifestyle videos with audio.

SmartLav+ by Rode

If you really want something interesting and unique for YouTube then Rode SmartLav+ is the first choice of many creators. Just you have to connect to your phone to receive quality sounds in your videos.

SmartLav+ by Rode uses a TRRS connection i.e. same as the microphone. And also when you want to record the sounds with a device and camera then you can use the Rode SC3 converter. It is a versatile mic and it is a great choice to use this microphone when you do not want to pay for the lavalier mic

Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit

There are only a few best portable mics available, thus RodeLink Filmmaker Kit is an easy choice for the best microphone for recording YouTube videos because it is a portable lavalier system that works with DSLR cameras and recorders. A great quality lav mic includes a digital transmitter and receiver.

When you are going to record video in crowded events like trade fairs and functions, then it is the best mic for YouTube because of wireless. The wireless connections are established from a long distance.

4. Mics with Shotguns for YouTube

Shotgun microphones for YouTube need to connect with the camera’s shoe and allow the creators to record the interviews and other similar topics. These are best if you want to record professional content such as movies, news reports, etc.

Shure SM7B

Shure’s SM7B is one of the best microphones for recording YouTube videos and live streams, vlogs, ADR, voice-over, and many more. It produces a professional sound quality. SM7B has a smooth and long-distance frequency response that will give a natural rendition of music and voice quality.

SM7B uses a cardioid polar pattern and it provides graphics illustration of effects while it’s running. Podcasters and vloggers especially prefer to use it for better sound quality. It has its own sound pop filter to protect against explosive breath while vocal or communicating.  It is the best investment mic for YouTube.

I hope you will find this article helpful and it will guide you in the right direction by sharing a list of a few favorite types of equipment to select the best microphone for recording YouTube videos that are fitted to your setup.